Homebrew Gameboy Cartridge

Introduction Video:
Visit my GitHub at https://github.com/dwaq/Homebrew-Gameboy-Cartridge for details.  

Files Needed:

All digital files that are available, including the schematic, board file, library, and gerbers are located on my github.

Some notes:
  • The schematic and board files were designed in Eagle V6.0. I have created all of the parts for this project. They are located in the gameboy.lbr file.
  • I used ITEAD Studio's DRC file for Eagle to try and meet their limitations for board design. There are errors from solder mask placement, but the boards turned out fine with them.
  • I used Sparkfun's CAM file for Eagle to export the board files into gerbers. The gerbers that I sent to ITEAD Studio to be manufactured are located in the GerberFiles folder of my github for anybody that wants their own board without having to go through all the steps to export it theirselves. Keep in mind the drill files use 2:4 Leading.

Parts Needed:
Part Where to order Quantity Description
Gameboy Game Cartridge
1 Must have a MBC1 chip
1 4 megabit (512kB) flash chip
PLCC-44 Socket
1 Allows removal of flash chip
PLCC Puller
1 Eases removal of flash chip
10nF Capacitor
1 Decouples the power
47kΩ Resistor
1 Pulls line high

Future Plans:

I bought a Printrbot from Kickstarter because I've been interested in 3D printing and thought this was the best and lowest-cost way of doing it myself. When I finally recieve it, I will design a case for the cartridge so you do not have to cut a hole in it. I will add the files when I finally make it.

I have also thought about making another version of this cartridge that uses a more spacious flash chip and would have battery backup for saves. The trouble I am having is finding a flash chip that I have the ability to program, yet can also fit on the PCB.

I would also like to make a programmer so the flash chip would not have to be removed from the cartridge for programming.

Want to try one for yourself?:

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