Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some More Shelves

     As much as I enjoying designing and building electronics, it seems that I always end up making a project out of wood. I'm not exactly sure why I like it... It could be because it's so simple to fix mistakes or that it was my dad's hobby too, but I keep coming back. In this post I'll show you a storage shelf and a CD rack that I made.

Storage Shelf

CD Rack

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Continuity Checker

     While working on my Homebrew Gameboy Cartridge PCB, I needed a way to check the connections on the board. Unfortunately, my cheap multimeter doesn't have a continuity checker, so I had to make one myself. It's a very easy circuit based on a 555 timer. I made it on a scrap piece of PCB and mounted it into the remains of a Wireless Door and Window Alarm that I used parts from on another project. It was the perfect fit because it could be battery powered and already has a buzzer built it.

How (Not) To Fix A Stereo Amplifier

     I've been using my parent's old stereo amplifier at school to play some tunes in the living room. It lasted almost two semesters but near the end of last semester, one of the channels was cutting out and eventually they both died. I know that large electriclytic capacitors are prone to going bad so I checked those first. Sure enough, they were swollen. I got my hands on a suitable replacement and hacked a way to switch the new ones in for the old, but unfortunately the replacements didn't fix the problem. Since this didn't bring it back to life, and with the stereo being so old, I'm going to put it into the junk pile for scavanging parts from it later on. I had hoped switching the capacitors would do the trick so I took pictures along the way to write a blog post about. Even though it didn't work, here's some photos of what I did.

Pioneer SA-940