Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some More Shelves

     As much as I enjoying designing and building electronics, it seems that I always end up making a project out of wood. I'm not exactly sure why I like it... It could be because it's so simple to fix mistakes or that it was my dad's hobby too, but I keep coming back. In this post I'll show you a storage shelf and a CD rack that I made.

Storage Shelf

CD Rack

All of my junk important electronics stuff

Same height as my dresser

Lip along the back to keep things from falling off

Notes on its size and color

     I made this shelf with some sanded down scrap wood with some parts stained and others painted. I tried to make it match my dresser that you can see to the left in the first picture. Also in the first picture, you can see it is the same total height as the dresser and the same thickness as the wall to the right. The shelves' height match up with the drawers' height and it was created using the same color scheme. The shelves are stained nearly the same color (and the same color as my other shelves in my room: and the sides and back lips are painted black. I added the small lips to the back of the shelves so nothing could fall off the back because molding on the walls prevents the shelves from sitting flush to the wall. The third picture shows this the best. The final picture is the notes I took on the dimensions. 

     Some simple woodworking gave me a lot more room for my tools and gadgets. I wish I would've made this a year ago!

CD Rack filled with CDs

Good fit for CDs

Movies fit fine as well

     I have been purchasing all of favorite albums from eBay and Amazon and needed a place to store them, so this CD rack is the answer. It's 37" tall and has four sections for media. The shelves are slightly shorter than a CD so they extend beyond the shelves and you can easily grab them. CDs fit horizontally (as seen in the second picture) and DVDs or Blu-rays fit vertically in the shelves (as shown in the third picture). Everything is made with 3/4" scrap wood and painted black. I let it dry overnight in the warm garage and assembled it with 1-5/8" screws. I may eventually add another coat of paint to cover up any imperfections and screw heads, but for right now, it suits my needs just fine.

     Thanks for reading and I hope this post can give you some inspiration for your own shelves.

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