Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Screwed

     I'm sure everyone has taken apart a broken or otherwise useless electronic gadget. You can get some great knowledge (and sometimes some nice components) by tearing something apart. Something that I've been doing for years is keeping the screws when taking these things apart. I've went into my screw collection countless times over the years. Often, I manage to lose a screw while working with something I want to keep, and having such a varied collection of screws nearly always has something close enough to work. I've used screws that I've had for mounting a power strip / USB extender onto the back of my monitor using the VESA mount screw holes. I've used some of them for my MiniPOV3 project and my power supply. Start a collection and you'll be surprised how many times you'll have exactly what you need.

The dividers should not imply organization

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