Tuesday, May 10, 2011


     It's funny how my first completed project this Summer has nothing at all to do with electronics.

     My girlfriend and I decided we were going to get healthy this summer so we've been exercising more and eating healthier. She has been starting to cook more and we would typically go out and buy fresh ingredients right before we started cooking. Herbs are extremely overpriced where we shop so we decided that planting a garden would help us out there. She lives in town and has a small backyard, so we knew that the garden wouldn't be extravagant. Her mother suggested that we plant the plants in a raised bed. I found the following design after a quick search and decided it was perfect for our needs: http://www.casasugar.com/DIY-Build-Your-Own-Garden-Box-1550067
     We modified the dimensions and made it 6' x 3' x 10". We used scrap wood that I had collected from a garage port I had torn down. We decided that three boxes would be fine, but looking back, a forth would give our crops more room.
     We spent two evenings digging up her backyard and placing the boxes. We reused the dirt we dug up, along with peat moss and minerals that were left from previous gardening experiments. All-in-all, they look good and hopefully they yield some healthy, delicious plants.

See the following slideshow for the steps along the way and the final plants:

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