Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Linksys LED Matrix (Intro)

     I have finally began working on my first electronics project this Summer. It all started from a broken Linksys 5 port switch that I got many months ago. After removing the front sticker, I discovered that there was many more holes in the front of the case then the holes that were being used in the working switch. I knew that it would be a perfect case for a LED matrix, so I starting scouring the internet on how to control one (I think this idea is the reason I finally caved in and bought an Arduino). Unfortunately, the holes on the switch are only 3 LEDs high, so I couldn't use it for displaying text like I originally planned. The idea that I came up with was to use the case for a "logarithmic bar graph display." I had a AN6884 chip and perfboard that I purchased from my favorite electronic component store and I never used. I also had a bag full of 3mm green LEDs that I got from eBay for this project.

Simple test circuit from AN6884 datasheet application circuit

I cut a perfboard down so that it would fit snugly inside

The front case made a perfect stand for assembly

Mounting the stock LED holders

They look good in there

Homemade LED matrix holder

More details to come in a new blog post...


  1. i find your project as a good guidance for me i just thank of you .....:)

  2. Awesome you done such a great job.. i will also try to play led circuit for my router.