Monday, July 11, 2011

Google Calendar/Contact Integration with iPhone

     As I was exploring Google's projects the other day I happened to stumble upon some information regarding the syncing of Google Calendars and Contacts to the iPhone. I had no idea that this was integrated into the iOS so well. The guide for using Google Sync with iOS is right here. After going through that simple process, I transferred the calendar events I had on my iPhone to Google Calendar (I didn't have many so I just went through one-by-one and changed them). I used this simple walkthrough to back up my iPhone contacts through iTunes, then I imported them at Google Contacts. After both of those were mirrored online, I went ahead and deleted the original copies off my phone. Now my contacts and calendar events are easily accessible through an online interface and always kept up to date. At least this will hold me over until iCloud comes around...

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