Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crater Lake National Park

     I am currently on a ten day vacation in Eugene, Oregon visiting with my girlfriend's aunt, uncle, and cousin. From August 2nd to the 4th, we visited Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. It is a 20.6 square mile lake formed from when the volcano, Mount Mazama, blew its top around 7,700 years ago. It has beautiful blue water that comes solely from melting snow runoff. Inside the lake, Wizard Island sits. It is another volcano situated inside Mount Mazama's caldera. Along with the island, the Old Man of the Lake and the Phantom Ship are key points. The Old Man of the Lake is a large tree that floats vertically in the water with only the top few feet exposed. It freely floats around the lake. Unfortunately, it is stuck near Wizard Island and will stay there until a storm moves it away. The Phantom Ship is a rock outcropping in the lake that appears to be a schooner from a distance. See this wikipedia article for more information. I'll attach all the media from my trip below.

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First time using Photosynth to create a panorama. Somehow cut off Sara's head.

View from the highest point on Wizard Island

A better look inside the caldera of Wizard Island

A view of our campground

A video of the view on top of Wizard Island

The first person to try sledding down the snow in the Wizard Island caldera

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to go sledding in the caldera of a volcano inside of another volcano. Along with that, there's something amazing about being able to sled in 70 degree weather. I ended up sliding down backwards about halfway down but it was a ton of fun.

A video of the 1.1 mile walk up from the Crater Lake, Oregon National Park. The Cleetwood Cove Trail is the only way to get to and from the lake boat tours. The 24 minute walk is sped up 500% to about 5 minutes.

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