Thursday, July 5, 2012

Printrbot Build: Part 2

     I finished assembling my Printrbot LC last night. I still have to calibrate everything and make adjustments, but I now have a 3D printer that I am able to control over Pronterface. You can view the assembly from Part 1 here. Below is a video of the printer moving each of the stepper motors, and below the break are the photos from the build.


Attach the linear bearings to the bridge

Guide for the X and Z drives

For the X-drive belt

Assembled right side

Working on the left side

X-drive motor mount

Left side assembled

Extruder holder

Most frustrating wooden piece to assemble

Finally together (Although backwards)

Mounting the extruder holder on the rods

Bolted in place

Ready to mount the extruder

Mounted on

Putting together the Z-drive threaded rods

Threaded rods in place

Mechanical assembly complete

Power supply box

Power supply out of the box

Big mess of wires

Everything attached

It's finished!

     I'm excited that I have finally assembled my 3D printer. Now comes the boring part of getting everything calibrated and working correctly. Hopefully it goes quick, because I really want to start printing!


  1. Hi Dillon, this is an awesome guide! Can you re-create it on the official Printrbot Community Support Site -

    Brook and his team are working hard to create step-by-step guides like this, but they could use more help.


  2. It looks like you did a good job, I hope you have more luck than I've had calibrating as I can not get the extruder to move it says can't move with cold injector. I can't get the z axis to home it goes up about 10 mm when I try.
    When I tried a small print and the injector got hot by would not print and no way to read what tempature it was at.